Jan Adriaans

                                          Bio / Resume

Jan Adriaans is a visual artist. His work connects with theory around human agency, the emergence of subjectivity, and human capital, visualized in concrete cases of complex relations of power. The self, long time seen as an independent operating entity making its own decisions, can be better described as a global representational mechanism constantly adapting to its environment, blind to its own machinery. By drawing a parallel with the animal, the set of constraints we are subjected become more apparent. Individual and collaborative projects are interchanged using video, text, sound, photography, performance, and their spatial presence. Adriaans’ often uses the camera to capture modes of behavior, in an attempt to cut through to the overlap of social and ecological patterns and abstractions in the emergence of thought. Art can make these patterns tangible and detectible through its aesthetic representations.



Adriaans graduated MA at the Dutch Art Institute and followed a course on ‘Posthumanism’ as part of a Master program American Literature at the University Leiden. He teaches at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.



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